Saturday, January 17, 2009

Things I learned

A few days before we left New York, I made a list of things that I had learned about myself. I meant to post them on my NYC blog, but I never got around to it. So, I thought I'd add it to this blog.

What I learned about myself in New York:
I don’t like to dress up.
I like to sleep late
I like to stay up late
I don’t like to shop nearly as much as I thought I did
I like to eat good food
I like to eat cheap food
I like to eat junk food
I like to eat
Once I get an idea in my head, I’m stuck on it for a while until I get bored
I think I’d like to be a copyeditor
I really like the people I work with and wish I could take them with me to my next job
I don’t really miss cooking
I miss having a microwave – specifically because I can’t pop popcorn without it
I don’t miss my car as much as I anticipated
Cole and I really do want the same things in life
I can easily become obsessed with something (babies, learning about mortgages, job searches, etc)
I hope that I show people how much I appreciate them
I wish I were better about writing people
I wish I could sing
I wish I could dance
Cole and I have named our first 3 non-existent children, but we’re not telling
I worry that I’m not good enough to make it as a writer
I miss my girlfriends
I miss living with my roommates
I really like being married – on the good days
I'm an expert time-waster
I do not like ants
I don’t like being hot
I don’t like sweating
I wish I liked to exercise
I sorta want to live in NYC
I sorta want to live in Birmingham
I sorta want to live in Greenville
I wish all the places I sorta want to live were closer to my parents
I stay up way too late
I hate going to sleep
I hate waking up
I want to get Allstate insurance because of the commercial
Cole shocked me with his analysis of me last week – in a good way
I have no discipline (big shocker, I know)
I'm obsessed with tv
I really like my mother-in-law, and I'm seriously blessed to have her
I really want to buy the house that I love in Birmingham right now, even though I know it’s ridiculous (Edit: since then, that particular house has sold, but I am in love with 3 others)

Well, there you have it. That's probably more than you ever wanted to know about me.

So far today I have run errands and done some homework. I haven't touched the huge mess that we call our house. Ugh. Maybe it will just disappear. Maybe my mom will come over and clean it all for me. Or maybe I'll just keep putting it off.

My money's on the last one. Hey, at least I'm doing homework.


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