Sunday, February 1, 2009

A new mini-obsession

As I mentioned in an earlier post of random things about myself, I randomly get hooked on various ideas, research them zealously, and lose interest quickly. Granted, there are a few that have stuck around, mainly out of necessity. (Learning about mortgages is one of these. I will have a mortgage soon-ish, so I probably need to know a little about them.) Most of my mini-obsessions, however, take over my life for a few hours/days/week and then are never heard from again.

Last spring I decided I should train for a marathon. Then a half marathon. I even tried to convince a friend to train with me. Now I'm thinking of taking a vow to never try to run.

Last night I became fixated on reading. I wanted to start a reading challenge (read x books in a year). Then I realized that I don't really like time constraints, so I thought I would just make a list of books I've been wanting to read. I made a pretty spreadsheet in Excel and separated them by authors I want to read, classics I need to read, popular books I wanted to read, etc.

The best part of this mini-obsession came when I tried to convince Cole that my job when we move to Birmingham should be finishing all the books on my list.

He didn't really go for it. But don't worry - I'm not giving up just yet.

As with all mini-obsessions, I wanted to start this one last night. I began researching books on Amazon to see how much they would cost me. I looked at the Tuscaloosa Public Library's online catalog to see what they have. I got lost in the world of book blogs. You get the idea.

There's just one small problem with starting my list now. It's a little think I fondly call the bane of my existence - my thesis. While I was creating my fancy spreadsheet of books I'd like to read but may give up on before I ever start, I should have been working on my thesis.

Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow.