Thursday, February 19, 2009

Publix makes me smile

The tag line for Publix is "where shopping is a pleasure." They could not have a better slogan; it is so true. I LOVE shopping at Publix. Everyone is always nice, the store is clean, and the Publix brand food is cheaper and reliable (unlike some other store brands). They also tend to have most of the weirder ingredients we need for certain recipes.

Earlier this week, I was checking out, and the bagger bagged all my groceries just like I like them: the meat was in its own bag (or it can be wrapped in its own bag and placed in other bag with other groceries); all the "soft" items were bagged together (bread, chips, etc.); the cold items were together; and the rest of the groceries were put together. I am so anal that I actually load my groceries onto the conveyor belt in the order in which I would like them bagged. I know that's really, really weird, but I don't care. This bagger understood my bagging preferences, and then he practically begged to help me to my car. I declined his help (I tell myself that carrying my own groceries to my car counts as my exercise!), but I really like when they offer to help - especially when I have particularly clumsy or heavy items. So nice.

Tonight the Publix down the road from us was having Italian Night. The manager was out by the front door. All the assistant managers were wandering around making sure everyone was taken care of. There were tasting stations set up throughout the store with well-dressed employees manning them. It was a very nice experience, until...

I got to the pharmacy. There were two customers who were flipping out. One lady was livid about something and taking it out on the pharmacists. Then one girl was having a nervous breakdown/panic attack/freak out while waiting for her prescription. It was insane. She was crying, cussing on the phone, and practically gasping for air (you know when you're crying and trying to breathe too). Basically she was a mess. I was glad to grab my prescription and get out of there and away from the crazies.

Even with that episode, the Publix experience is always lovely. I like to shop at Wal-Mart or somewhere similar for toilet paper, paper towels, etc., but for groceries Publix is by far the best place to go. It is, after all, where shopping is a pleasure.


Mary Alice Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

That's so nice! I wish we had a Publix, it really stinks that Troy doesn't have a good grocery store. Oh and I'm the same way about my groceries. I load my items onto the conveyor belt the way i want them bagged also. I am weird about what bags my groceries go in...haha. LOVE YOU:)

Anna Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Haha! That's funny that you do it too! I wonder if we got it from Mom.

Mary Alice Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

We probably did get it from mom.

Sara Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Haha. It's funny because I do the same thing. But the people at Wal-Mart haven't caught on yet. Oh well.