Sunday, February 8, 2009

You snooze, you lose

I'm in the library and working on my thesis, but I had to share this story. I was taking a break to check the news (shhh...don't tell Cole!), and I found this article about how Starbucks changed this man's life. You can click here to read the whole story. Basically, he was a big-shot at an advertising agency and was suddenly fired. He now works at Starbucks and says his life is much better.

The part that's bad for me is that he's written a book on it. That was supposed to be my idea - writing about Cole's time at Starbucks while I was finishing school and how it helped him in law school. Oh snooze, you lose.

I might have to read that book, though. It looks like this guy and Cole did things in the opposite order, but it could still be an interesting read.