Friday, March 20, 2009

What a week!

Wow…there is a lot to catch up on. Cole flew into Paris on Monday and had a full day there. Then he met me in Avignon on Tuesday. We had a fabulous time together in Avignon. On Tuesday, we had a lazy day and wandered around the city. We walked the Pont d’Avingon (the bridge of Avignon) and enjoyed the sights.

Wednesday we had a wine tasting which was pretty fun. It was totally different from what we thought it was going to be, but it was still interesting. Cole enjoyed a lot of the wine we tasted, so we got some to take home. That afternoon we had lunch outside with the whole group. I had my first Croque Monseiur in France which was really exciting. Cole asked how it compared to Frank Stitt’s at Chez Fonfon. They are both very good, just very different.

Wednesday night we had our first dinner out. Dinner was pretty good, but dessert was FANTASTIC. I had hot chocolate cake which was essentially molten chocolate cake, and Cole had a delicious frozen some-kind-of-fruit and cream dessert. Yum! Thursday we toured the Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes) and bought a few pictures for our new house. That night we got a bottle of wine and some sandwiches and went back to the room to have dinner on our balcony. Well, it wasn’t really a balcony. We had French doors that opened up, but there was no balcony to go out on, so we pulled our chairs up and pretended we were sitting on a balcony.

Unfortunately this morning Cole and I had to part ways. He went to the train station to head to Paris, and I had to go to the bus stop to get back together with the group. The group made it to Nice without incident this afternoon, and a small group of us went to the Musee d’Art modern et d’Art contemporain (Museum of modern and contemporary art). Some of the paintings and sculptures were really interesting.

Sorry I’ve been so bad about updating. We’ve had some really full days, and I have to pay for internet. Click here for pictures of the last few days. I tried to add captions to them so you have some idea of what they are. Sorry there are some really random pictures and some that aren't rotated, but I'm dealing with limited time.


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thanks for the update! just fyi, the link for photos isn't working. i think there's some small error with the http or something...
love you!

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Thanks for letting me know about the link. I think I fixed the problem.