Monday, May 18, 2009

Disturbing news

Today, my little sister Sara shared some disturbing news with me.

She deleted my mii from Wii Fit. I couldn't believe it when she told me. She thought I would be okay with it, and Grace thought I would freak out a little.

Grace was right.

So, Sara is moving to the top of my bad list for a while. Well, at least until she moves to Birmingham so I can create a new mii and new high scores. Then all will be right in the world.


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When I saw your headline for this post it scared me. Then I read what you wrote...haha. I went and played the wii fit w/sara last night and she told me she deleted you. I'm sorry! But she isn't moving to b' least not yet anyway;). I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!

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Oh An! I really am sorry! It will be fixed. If you come to the beach, it will be fixed sooner! Please take me off your bad list!! Remember, we have sister ESP! That means something! I LOVE YOU!!

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Haha, I really did know you were going to be pretty sad. stick up for Sara a little bit, I really don't think it was on purpose. It was one of those brain fart kind of moments that you don't really know what you are doing. And I have lots of those, that's why I feel as if I can truly vouch for her :)

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enjoyed catching up on your life via blogs!