Monday, June 29, 2009


Cole and I have finally moved to Birmingham. Woohoo!! Packing and moving went as well as could be expected. It was super hot the day we moved, but we made it. We have since hosted my mom and Mary Alice. Mom helped me put away a lot of our wedding presents and get some other things settled. Mary Alice and I spent the weekend shopping for house stuff. It was so much fun to have both of them up here.

We have not unpacked any of our kitchen stuff, because I was planning to paint the kitchen cabinets. I loathe the paint and antique finish on there now and wanted to spruce it up with some creamy white paint. So, I read tips and how-tos online. I went to the paint store to ask about sanding and types of paint. I talked to other people who have painted their cabinets. I knew this would be a big, big job. But I was ready. I wanted that nastiness out of my kitchen.

BUT, when I tried to take the doors of the hinges, they wouldn't budge. The last time the cabinets were painted, the hinges were completely painted over. Each hinge has three screws on the inside, one of the three screws was totally stripped on the first four cabinets we tried. Ugh.

Not wanting to give up yet, I went to Home Depot to ask what to do about stripped screws. A helpful man told me to get a screw-like little tool. I did and brought it home, thrilled that for less than $4 my stripped screws would come loose. Nope. They didn't budge. After that failed, we decided that it would be best to just leave them alone.

Unfortunately the story does not end there. Once I realized that I would not be painting cabinets, I knew they needed to be deep cleaned. I started with some 409 in an inconspicuous place. That took off the ugly antique finish. I was quite tempted to keep going in hopes of taking off all of the finish, but the fear of having half white, half antiqued cabinets kept me from trying that. I thought Dawn and some warm water might do the trick. Wrong. It takes off the finish in some places too.

So, now I'm left with cabinets that are nasty on the outside. What is a girl to do????


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Okay, we had to redo the cabinets at our condo too. They were this HORRIBLE ugly black with a brown stain over it.

You can cover the hinges with painters tape, and as long as you're careful, it's possible to paint them. We primed ours (twice due to the dark color) and painted them white.... It's a whole different kitchen now.

Good luck! :-)

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(FYI, I just realized I posted as Brett - it's actually Jessie!

Sara Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I like the half white, half antique look myself. But that's just me :)

Jennifer Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I've got an idea... Pay that guy from Home Depot to come use his 4 dollar tool and do it for you and then hire a painter... :0) That's what i would do.

Emily Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

LOVE the new background/color scheme!