Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blasts from the past

Cole and I are busy packing up our townhouse and have found several interesting things. We found our lease for our first apartment, his Starbucks "Partner Handbook," Cole's schedule for his first week at Starbucks, my first paycheck from UA, Betsy and Mark's wedding invitation (from December 2005!), Miles's outline from a class his first year of law school (spring 2004), and many other funny/random things.

Even though I hate packing with a passion (and I'm not very good at), these findings make it almost worth it.

I'll post pictures of the packing in progress soon.


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having helped you clean out your room before, i can just imagine you sitting on the floor going through shoeboxes and piles of stuff and having a great time reminiscing. you are your mother's child. :) happy packing!