Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good food and great company

Tonight I had the pleasure of dining with the Howells. It was a fabulous dinner, and we had fun discussing their recent trip to Jackson Hole, among other topics. It is so weird and wonderful how integrated our Birmingham worlds have become because now we know so many of the same people.

The rest of my day was great as well. Cole and I visited a new church this morning and really enjoyed it. The message was great, and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. There are still a lot of churches that we'd like to visit, so I'll keep you updated.

To pass the time this afternoon, Cole and I went to Best Buy to drool over TVs, and then we went to a couple of open houses. Since we started looking for houses, I have been obsessed with real estate. I love looking at listings online and looking at open houses. There is always a little part of me - very, very, very small - that wonders if I will find something I like more than our house. Fortunately, that hasn't happened. This is not to say that there aren't better houses out there; we just feel that for what we need and could afford, we got a great house and couldn't be happier.

Cole left for Montgomery tonight to take the Bar exam this week. He will take the first part tomorrow, the second part on Tuesday, and the final part on Wednesday. We made sure we got everything that he might need together, and he was off. I don't think he's worried about not passing; he just doesn't want to take it, and I don't blame him. Who wants to take a 3-day test?? Yuck! I know he would definitely appreciate prayers this week.

Even though this weekend has been really nice, I have a lot of fun things planned this week that I'm excited about. I'll try to take a picture or two and post about all my fun this week.