Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good news and bad news

The good news is we finally tackled the miscellaneous room. My aunt emailed me after my last post about this room and told me to just think Nike (Just Do It!) and that gave me some motivation. Cole did most of the unpacking and moving around, and I was in charge of finding a new place for things or deciding to give it away or throw it out. We still have some random stuff in that room, but you can now walk through it without risking your life.

The bad news is that I still feel like we have a ways to go before we're ready for our shindig next weekend. I made a list today of everything I need to do this weekend, and it's frightening. Hopefully we'll get a cabinet to go under our TV and maybe even another end table for our couch. Then I just need to focus on really organizing all the junk that's everywhere else in the house. The office is especially cluttered.

I'm also going to test out my green thumb this weekend. I'm a little worried to do anything in the yard (let's face it - I'm not the most outdoorsy girl or the most handy with tools), but something must be done! My parents were here for about an hour today, and my mom gave me some suggestions for our front porch area. Hopefully I'll make her proud.

I promise pictures of the new house are coming.

Seriously. Just be patient.