Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

Whew...we made it. This weekend was seriously busy.

Friday night we had a party for Brian and Emily at our house to celebrate their engagement. It was so much fun to see the girls and meet some of Brian's friends. We had a great dinner and fabulous desserts. Preparing for it was definitely a team effort. The girls and I planned the menu and tried to iron our all of the details. It's interesting planning a party when you really haven't ever planned one before. Also, my aunt Ty and mother-in-law Marcia were champs. Ty let me borrow four card tables and 16 folding chairs. This party would not have been possible without them! Marcia let me borrow tablecloths and made an appetizer for me and even delivered it right before party time! My mom brought up some of the centerpieces used for my wedding that we were able to use for the party. I still haven't downloaded the pictures, but they're coming.

Saturday morning (after not a ton of sleep) we headed to Troy. Sara's birthday was Monday, so we celebrated the weekend before. My parents even came over for the shindig. We had a fabulous time visiting and spending time with each other. We even took our Christmas card picture, which you know my mother loved. That night Rob grilled hamburgers and Mary Alice made macaroni and cheese - it was all delicious. Sunday morning Sara, Cole, and I went to the PCA church in Troy and enjoyed it. We grabbed a bite to eat and then hit the road. It's so nice to relax and spend time with family.

This week's going to be just as busy as the weekend. Last night we had dinner with the visitors' group at a church we've been going to lately. Tonight we're eating out with Cole's family since his sister and her husband are in town. Thursday night we're having his family over to our house to watch the first football game of the season (I may retire to the back room and watch something I want to watch...I'm a little depressed that it's already time for football season). Then Saturday morning Cole is leaving for Atlanta for the UA vs. Virginia Tech game. And I get to breathe again. I can't wait.

Wow. Typing all of that out made me remember why I'm so tired. Although life has been busy, I've really enjoyed spending time with our friends and family. Hopefully we'll continue to make it a priority to spend time with others.


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Are you sure you're not too busy for Fri. night? We are looking forward to it, but let me bring a couple of things. :)

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Cole and I were actually just talking tonight about the fact that we're glad we've been busy all week. It helps the week go by faster and gives us something to look forward to after work.