Friday, October 9, 2009


Five years ago today, Cole asked me to marry him. It's really hard to believe that it was so long ago because I remember everything as if it just happened.

I had been expecting a proposal for over a month, and every time we went on a date I knew he was going to do it. But it never came. He kept telling me he didn't even have the ring and would have to get a ring over Thanksgiving, then he would propose. I didn't believe him at first, but after so much time went by I started to believe him. I accepted that we wouldn't get engaged until after Thanksgiving, and I was trying to be ok with that.

The whole week before he proposed, he had been acting funny and was distant. He blamed it on being preoccupied with school, and I was dumb and believed him. We went out with friends on Friday night, and he took me back to my apartment. We were sitting there talking, and his parents called. He was cryptic on the phone and hung up quickly. I asked him what they were doing, and he said something like driving home from dinner. Shortly after the call, he said he wasn't feeling well and needed to go home. I told him to call me when he got to his apartment. He didn't want to lie to me, so he went to his apartment, called me, and then left to go downtown to his parents' hotel. They had come to Greenville to bring my ring to Cole.

The next day (Saturday, October 9, 2004) we had plans to go downtown for Fall for Greenville (a big event downtown where they close streets, have food, bands, etc.). Cole picked me up for lunch, but he smelled like food. He played it off and said he had gotten the shirt out of the dirty clothes pile (not too unbelievable). Little did I know, he had gone to breakfast with his parents just an hour before picking me up. We went out to lunch, and Cole barely touched his food which, if you know anything about Cole, is quite odd. He claimed he still wasn't feeling great. We went downtown and walked to the bridge over the river. I was looking over the edge of the bridge down onto the river and talking about something silly. I turned around and saw Cole on one knee. He said something like, "Will you marry me?" And I just couldn't believe it. I didn't say yes. Instead I was saying, "Is this for real?" over and over. Finally I realized that I needed to say yes, and I did.

We decided to walk up Main Street while we were calling friends and family. I should've noticed that Cole didn't call his parents, but I wasn't really thinking clearly at this point. As we're walking up the street, suddenly I feel an arm around me. I turn around and see Cole's dad. He and Marcia were there and hugged and congratulated us.

That night we went out to eat, and Marcia put together a small engagement party for us after dinner at the Hambys' house. It was a great day.

And here we are, five years later. Still very happy and very much in love.


Mary Alice Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

AWE!! I love this story, it's so sweet. I can't believe it was 5 years ago! I love you both very much!!

Sara Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Awe, I think I just cried a little. Ok, maybe not. Still a sweet story though. Yall are just meant to be. Just darling.