Monday, February 8, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

If you know me well at all, you know that I HATE making decisions. And the most dreaded decision of each and every day is what to make for dinner. For a about a month, I was super adventurous and spent a lot of time looking for new recipes to try each night. Lately, though, I've been relying heavily on my old standbys.

My one bright spot in kitchen over the last couple of weeks was making my first roasted chicken. I found the recipe in one of our cookbooks by the Lee Brothers. The end result was a really juicy, flavorful chicken and tasty veggies underneath. And it was easy (the worst part, by far, was handling the whole, raw chicken...yuck!).

So, this morning I'm working on my plan for this week, and once again I'm having a hard time getting inspired. Does anyone out there have any good recipes you want to share??


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I always feel the same way! One thing I did was to make a list of everything that I cook for dinner...from fancy stuff to tacos and spaghetti. I put this list in my recipe book and when I am planning my meals for the week, I pull out this list, and it helps me just to remember things that we haven't eaten in a while. Just stop by and see my list sometime. :)