Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, that was fun...

Except not at all.

Today has not really gone as expected. First, the termite inspector showed up 30 minutes early and made me late getting Cole's lunch to him. Thankfully Cole is flexible and didn't mind. The inspection went well and was really quick, and then I left to go by Cole's office.

I got there and he wanted me to drive him by his car to put some of his stuff in it. As we were driving through the parking lot, he noticed that my tire sounded strange. We stopped, he checkout out the tire and determined that it was super low and needed to be changed immediately. We originally thought I could make it down the hill to the gas station to put some air in it (and he would ride with me), but before we got out of the parking lot, Cole decided that we just needed to change the tire to be sure I wouldn't damage the actual wheel. Ugh.

So poor Cole changed my tire in his suit in his office parking lot while the sky was threatening rain. He got a little dirt on his work shirt, and I felt terrible about the whole ordeal. I went straight to the service place after leaving Cole's office, and they found a piece of copper (who knows where that came from) in my tire and patched the hole. They were so nice and repaired it for free!

After finishing there, I got to come home and make lots of annoying phone calls about taxes, insurance, etc. Being on hold is sooooooo much fun.

To make up for Cole having to change my tire in his suit, I made special parmesan-pepper biscuits for dinner.

I think I'm off the hook now. :)


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those biscuits look DELICIOUS. i want one.

also, i'm gonna need a new blog post pretty soon here. :)