Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kitchen Update

The kitchen is coming along. The finished tearing everything out after the first day. Then the electrical and plumbing teams came in to get everything in working order. It was a little stressful deciding where I wanted all the switches and outlets to be, but I made it through. The walls were torn down and moved to the new locations, and a new part of a wall was built to house the new pantry. The drywall is up, and now it's time for the cabinets to be installed! Here are some pictures of the progress so far.

After everything demolished and the framing of the new walls was done:
The inside of the wall in the laundry area:
Where our sink and dishwasher used to be...yummy:
Drywall is up, floor is down, cabinets in boxes are in:
As I type, the cabinets are coming out of the boxes and are getting installed. The template for the countertop will be done tomorrow (I think), and we could possibly have it installed late next week. Woohoo! It's so fun to see it finally coming together!