Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The nursery so far

I'm so excited about the progress being made in the kitchen. Unfortunately my camera died, and I can't find my charger so I can't take in-progress pictures. My mom is bringing her charger with her to Birmingham tomorrow, so I'll charge it up and get to work on taking pictures for y'all.

So instead of posting pictures of the torn up kitchen, I'll post pictures of the beginnings of the nursery. We got the bedding in last Monday, and the cribs came in two days later. I thought Cole wouldn't be excited about putting them together that night, be he was sport and put both of them together in a little over an hour!

Working on the first one:

One down, one to go:
Working on number two:Ta da!!! (Can you see the excitement on Cole's face??)

The bedding and the rug are from Pottery Barn Kids. Now we just need window treatments of some sort, a changing table, and a glider. We're almost ready for the two newest Greshams to arrive!


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YaY for the cribs and the bedding!! Cole did a great job putting them together. The room looks great. I can't wait to see it when we are up there next weekend. I'm ready for the two newest Greshams to arrive! LOVE YOU!