Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life Update

Sorry I've been away from the blogging world for so long. The kitchen renovation forced us to move out of the house briefly while the floors were being refinished since the babies and I weren't allowed to smell all the yucky fumes, and I kinda got out of the habit of blogging. The good news is that the kitchen is now 99% finished (I promise to post pictures soon). We're waiting on a few touch-up things, but we have been cooking in the kitchen for a while now. This is wonderful, except for the fact that my cooking and meal-planning skills are a little rusty. In an effort to get back into cooking shape, I found new recipes to try next week that will hopefully motivate me and get me excited.

We absolutely love the new kitchen. Two of my favorite things are our fridge and faucet. The fridge is a Samsung, non-counter-depth French door model. It's just way too wonderful for words. There is TONS of space inside, and it looks super cool. And added bonus: it beeps when the door does not fully close. Cole got a drink out the other day and sat down in the den, and we heard a weird beeping noise a few moments later. We hadn't heard it before, so we didn't know what was happening. I walked in the kitchen and saw the door slightly ajar and heard the fridge beeping to alert us to the problem. Yes, we have a brilliant fridge.

The faucet is a Delta faucet that has a pull down spray nozzle. This is the best idea EVER. I seriously love it. It makes washing larger items (cookie sheets, trays, etc.) so much easier. Even simple tasks like rinsing out the sink are easier.

In other news, we've made great progress in the nursery. The changing table is here; the glider is ordered; and the fabric for the window treatments has been chosen. My mom (such a saint!) came up here a few weeks ago to help me dig through the kitchen stuff and get the nursery and office in order. She basically did all the work while the babies and I pointed and directed. It was amazing. Here's the proof:

The guest bedroom before with all the kitchen stuff in it:

The nursery before:
The office before with some kitchen stuff and some completely random stuff:

And the afters will be posted tonight. Along with final kitchen pictures!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebrating Baby A and Baby B

This post is long overdue. About a month ago, my incredible family and friends hosted an amazing baby shower. They seriously went above and beyond. Here are a few pictures from the day in no particular order:

(This one is for you, Ty!)
(The hostesses minus my sisters-in-law.)

(Yes, the food was too yummy for words - pigs in a blanket, several different stratas to choose from, donuts, muffins, bacon roll-ups, whoa.)

Everyone there brought such sweet (and useful!) gifts for the babies. Beautiful outfits, burp cloths, car seats, a video camera, a digital SLR, and lots of other goodies.

Even though weather threatened to blow us away, the day couldn't have been more perfect. Baby A, Baby B, Cole, and I are so blessed to have people who love us so much.