Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let's rewind

The babies were four weeks old Tuesday, and I seriously can't believe it. Part of the reason it's so hard to believe is that we have only had a baby in the house for about two weeks, and we've only had two babies for a few days. I have been wanting to tell the story of their birth, but in order to really do it justice we need to rewind a little bit.

Sara (my little sister) graduated Friday, May 7 from Troy University, and I was 24 weeks pregnant. I drove down from Birmingham Thursday night by myself since Cole was in Chicago for work. We did graduation all Friday morning, hung out at Mary Alice's that afternoon, and then had a party at her house for Sara and a couple of her friends that night. It was a busy day to say the least. I didn't feel great for the majority of the day, but I thought it was just because I was tired.

That night after I got in bed, I started convincing myself that I was going into labor. I was having contractions and stupidly Googled "signs of labor." Not a good idea at all. Of course I had all the signs (or so I convinced myself), so I started getting worried. I didn't want to tell my parents or Mary Alice, fearing they would make me go to Montgomery to the hospital (it was 11 p.m. at this point), and I just didn't want to take the focus from Sara's graduation. I called Emily to get perspective and to see what I should do. She told me that I had to call Cole, and if he and I felt like I should go to the hospital then I should just go and not worry about causing a scene. I called Cole who made me call my doctor. The on-call doctor said that as long as I wasn't having more than 6 an hour I was fine. He said drink some water and go to bed. After I calmed down a little, I did just that.

I was in a wedding in Monroeville the next weekend and did pretty well, but I knew that trip would probably be my last. I was having Braxton Hicks contractions the whole day, and being away from my doctor and my hospital made me nervous.

I had a couple of trips to labor and delivery around 29 weeks and 31 weeks. Then at 32 weeks and 6 days pregnant I was admitted to the hospital. I had been having regular contractions, but that day and the day before they had been more frequent (like every four minutes) and more intense. Of course, when I called the doctor they sent me to labor and delivery. I had already been to L&D 2 times before, and they would monitor me and give me a couple of shots of terbutaline which would take care of the problem. Not this time. The terb really didn't help and I was 3 cm dilated, so they admitted me and gave me the worst drug on the face of the planet - magnesium sulfate. It makes you feel like you have the flu times one hundred...ugh. Then they tried to give me some pain meds, and I almost crashed. My blood pressure dropped to 70/30ish, Baby A's (Ellen) heartrate had some issues, and they started prepping me for an emergency c-section. Thankfully Baby A and I recovered and stabilized. They gave me steroid shots for the babies' lungs and continued to give me the magnesium. On Wednesday or Thursday they discontinued the mag (thank goodness!) and started me on Indocin which is much better. The babies and I had to be constantly monitored for those first few days. That meant I had three monitors hooked to me at all times (one for each of the babies' heartrates and one to monitor contractions) and a blood pressure cuff that I swear almost made my arm fall off every 15 minutes. Sleep was VERY hard to come by. Eventually they only had to attach me to the monitors every four hours, but that still caused sleeping problems.

Toward the end of my hospital stay, I was incredibly emotional. I just felt like I couldn't stay there another second. I was tired, uncomfortable (the babies were both head down, so I had lots of feet in my ribs and two heads on my bladder), and just ready to be home. I was released Sunday afternoon with a prescription to take if I had 6 or more contractions an hour. I had to take some Sunday night and Monday morning, but the dose Monday morning didn't slow them down enough. So, back to L&D I went.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story...


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Don't leave me hanging! Can't wait to hear the rest of the details. I love it. So glad you are all home. We REALLY want to swing by and see ya'll and bring a meal. Can you email me if there is someone I should contact about a sign up? We will be a the beach this week, and then back around after that. Love ya'll!