Tuesday, November 9, 2010

World Travelers

Ok, so maybe they aren't technically world travelers, but Cole and Ellen have visited two other states - Georgia (well, we drove through it) and South Carolina. The last few weeks have been quite eventful for our little family.

First, Ellen and Cole got to meet their Uncle Rob for the first time. You can read all about that on my sister's blog here.

Then we went to Monroeville for the first time. It was our first road trip with the babies, and overall it went really well. My best friends hosted a Sip 'n See so our Monroeville friends could meet Ellen and Cole. (I have some pictures that I'll put in a new post.) Both of the babies did so well and loved meeting everyone.

The very next weekend, we went to South Carolina to visit Aunt TayTay and Uncle Brabee (translation: Taylor and Bradley). The scary part of this trip was that I had to drive up there by myself since Cole was out of town for work. I packed the car Thursday night, woke up at 4:30 Friday morning to get myself ready, fed the babies at 6:00, and we were on the road at 7. They were silent until we were just north of Atlanta, and then there was fussing on and off from there to Greenville. I was very pleased with that and was THRILLED to see Taylor on the other side.

We had fun visiting with Taylor and Bradley and seeing old Furman friends since it was Furman's homecoming. Cole rode back with me, and the babies did great. So far they seem to be pretty good travelers.