Monday, January 31, 2011


The last few posts haven't included many (or any!) pictures, so I thought I'd do a big post of pictures from Christmas. And I still have rice cereal pictures to share too!

Getting our first Christmas tree as a family of four.

Making Christmas ornaments

The Christmas ornaments wore them out!

Family Christmas 2010

My sweet grandparents

Cole as a present

"I don't want to be a present, Daddy!"

Cole, Cole, me, and Ellen

My grandmother and Cole

Lee Family Christmas 2010

Mom, Cole, Dad, and Ellen

Dad and Ellen

Cole and Ellen laughing

Howell Family Christmas 2010

My aunt Ty, Rogers, Cole, Mom, and Ellen

And that's our Christmas in pictures!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Edwin McCain in Birmingham!

Thursday night Sara and I went to the Edwin McCain concert at WorkPlay in Birmingham. It was a great show! Cole doesn't really do concerts, so it was nice to have someone to go with who enjoys music too.

I haven't listened to my Edwin McCain CDs in a while, but boy did he make me want to go find them. He sang a lot of new material that I hadn't heard before, so I got on iTunes today to add some to my library. He opened with the song that's on his web site called "Walk With You," and it's fabulous. I was listening to it today and started tearing up (that could be due to pregnancy hormones, but still). Not only was the music great, but he's also really funny. His stories in between songs were hilarious. And to top it all off...he's SOOOO good lookin'! And a Southern boy!

I'm so glad I have a cool sister in town who knows what's going on in the world and invites me to come to great concerts with her. :)

Oh, and there was a proposal on stage during the concert. And lots of drunk people to watch...amazing.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh, hello there. Who are you?

Ellen and Cole have started noticing each other more and more lately. For a few months, Ellen has been staring at Cole, but he wouldn't give her the time of day. Over the last few weeks, though, Cole has started staring back at her. At their 6 month checkup, they were laying on the table, looked at each other, and started laughing.

Today was the second time I've seen something like this. I put them both in Ellen's bed so I could fix bottles, and before I walked out of the room I saw them look at each other and smile. It was so cute!

I'm so excited that it seems they are finally noticing each other. I can't wait until it's observable for more than a few seconds. This by far is my favorite part of having twins. It makes all of the not so fun parts more than worth it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog Identity Crisis

Since the babies were born, I've been suffering through a blog identity crisis. And I'm just now realizing it, 6 months later.

This blog started as a place to post my random thought about life, marriage, school, work, etc. It has turned into more of a way to recount various goings on in the babies' lives. That's fine, but I really want this blog to capture how I feel about this time in our lives rather than every little thing we are doing/have done.

So, starting now, this blog is turning a corner. It's getting a new name, a new design (I can't wait for it!), and a new lease on life. And I might actually for once start posting regularly. I was reading through my blogs from the past (around when it first started), and I miss posting about things that matter to me or that are on my mind. It's important to document trips and holidays, but, for me, it's more important to document and share what's really on my mind.

Big changes are on the way. Stay tuned for the next phase!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ellen and Cole's first Christmas

This year we spent Christmas mainly with my family. We started celebrating Christmas Eve morning with the annual Gresham get-together with their best family friends. There were lots of babies this year (4 under 7 months old!) which definitely made it a little busier than previous years.

After brunch, we hit the road to head to Auburn. The babies did great on the trip there. We never heard a peep from them.

We loved introducing Ellen and Cole to my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. They had actually met my grandparents before, but Ellen slept through most of that visit.

Christmas morning, Cole and Ellen got up, and we let them hang out in bed with us for a bit while I finished getting ready. They were so cute! Big Cole was making them smile and giggle, and Ellen was talking up a storm.

We took a family picture, and then they "opened" their presents.

We left Auburn around noon to head back to Birmingham to see Cole's family. Then celebrated another Christmas that night with the other side of my family.

Christmas night (also known as my birthday eve) my mom and my super-sweet aunt offered to keep the babies at my aunt's house so I could have my first night without the babies. It was glorious! Cole and I watched a movie completely uninterrupted for the first time since July!

Right before we went to bed, I got a little sad/emotional. I knew that the babies were in great hands (my mom did raise me successfully after all), but I worried that they would need me during the night. I knew it was silly - and Cole made sure to point that out - but I couldn't help it. I got over it quickly and fell asleep and slept for 11 glorious hours! A night without paci replacements or random whining was truly amazing. I am so thankful for such a generous and loving mom and aunt!

The next day we were reunited with the babies at my birthday brunch. The food was delicious! My mom pretty much kept the babies the rest of the day so Cole and I could run around town.

Overall it was a great, albeit busy, Christmas. I have a feeling next Christmas will be even more chaotic!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thanksgiving (recap) in January

Thanksgiving this year was definitely interesting. Not only did we experience traveling with two babies, but we also experienced our first time getting sick with two babies.

Sunday before Thanksgiving, Big Cole got the stomach bug. And it was not pretty. He was not allowed to touch the babies all day Monday or Tuesday for fear of getting them sick too. He was quarantined in our room, so I slept in the guest room and stayed away. It wasn't fun, but we made it. Late Tuesday afternoon we thought he was well, so we left for Monroeville.

It was great getting to see the whole family and having help entertaining the babies. Thanksgiving lunch was delicious as always, and we enjoyed visiting with extended family.

But Thursday night things started to go downhill. We were all playing a card game around the kitchen table, and I was holding Cole while he tried to fall asleep. Suddenly I started feeling a little off. I handed the baby to Cole and ran from the table. Cole immediately knew that the stomach bug had just gotten me.

The rest of that night was pretty yucky. Thankfully, Mary Alice and Mom offered to take care of the babies during the night. Friday morning I felt a little better, but Sara had gotten sick. Cole left early that morning for the Auburn/Alabama game, and Mary Alice and Rob decided to get out of the sick house before the game started and before they got sick, so we were left a little short-staffed as far as the babies go. We made do and kept the babies fed Friday. By Friday night everyone in the family except my dad had gotten the bug. Yuck.

Cole had to come back to Monroeville after the game to help with Ellen and Cole since Mom was sick too. We had planned to go back to Birmingham on Friday or Saturday, but stayed until Sunday because of the bug.

All in all, it was good to see my parents for so long, but having the stomach bug is a terrible way to spend Thanksgiving.

Our Christmas recap is coming soon and is a much happier story. :)

P.S. Excuse the look of my blog! The background I was using was discontinued, so I'm working on something else. I think you'll be excited to see what's next!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still here...

We're still here. I got out of the routine of blogging over the holidays, and never picked back up. But, it's a new year, so it's time to get started again.

I'll post about the holidays (Thanksgiving was a doozie!) later, but for now I have some news to share. Ellen and Cole are having a little brother or sister! Baby 3 (as we affectionately call him/her) is due July 11 - two days before Ellen and Cole's first birthday. We are thrilled and can't wait to meet Baby 3!

I've been asked if we're finding out if this baby is a boy or a girl this time, and I don't know yet. Cole is in charge of making that decision. When I was pregnant with the twins, I called the shots. I had never wanted to find out the genders of my children, so I made Cole go along with it last time. This time, I told him he could decide. He's also deciding if we're going to share the name of Baby 3.

I'm waaaay behind on my pictures, but I'll try to get some together for next time.