Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog Identity Crisis

Since the babies were born, I've been suffering through a blog identity crisis. And I'm just now realizing it, 6 months later.

This blog started as a place to post my random thought about life, marriage, school, work, etc. It has turned into more of a way to recount various goings on in the babies' lives. That's fine, but I really want this blog to capture how I feel about this time in our lives rather than every little thing we are doing/have done.

So, starting now, this blog is turning a corner. It's getting a new name, a new design (I can't wait for it!), and a new lease on life. And I might actually for once start posting regularly. I was reading through my blogs from the past (around when it first started), and I miss posting about things that matter to me or that are on my mind. It's important to document trips and holidays, but, for me, it's more important to document and share what's really on my mind.

Big changes are on the way. Stay tuned for the next phase!