Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ellen and Cole's first Christmas

This year we spent Christmas mainly with my family. We started celebrating Christmas Eve morning with the annual Gresham get-together with their best family friends. There were lots of babies this year (4 under 7 months old!) which definitely made it a little busier than previous years.

After brunch, we hit the road to head to Auburn. The babies did great on the trip there. We never heard a peep from them.

We loved introducing Ellen and Cole to my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. They had actually met my grandparents before, but Ellen slept through most of that visit.

Christmas morning, Cole and Ellen got up, and we let them hang out in bed with us for a bit while I finished getting ready. They were so cute! Big Cole was making them smile and giggle, and Ellen was talking up a storm.

We took a family picture, and then they "opened" their presents.

We left Auburn around noon to head back to Birmingham to see Cole's family. Then celebrated another Christmas that night with the other side of my family.

Christmas night (also known as my birthday eve) my mom and my super-sweet aunt offered to keep the babies at my aunt's house so I could have my first night without the babies. It was glorious! Cole and I watched a movie completely uninterrupted for the first time since July!

Right before we went to bed, I got a little sad/emotional. I knew that the babies were in great hands (my mom did raise me successfully after all), but I worried that they would need me during the night. I knew it was silly - and Cole made sure to point that out - but I couldn't help it. I got over it quickly and fell asleep and slept for 11 glorious hours! A night without paci replacements or random whining was truly amazing. I am so thankful for such a generous and loving mom and aunt!

The next day we were reunited with the babies at my birthday brunch. The food was delicious! My mom pretty much kept the babies the rest of the day so Cole and I could run around town.

Overall it was a great, albeit busy, Christmas. I have a feeling next Christmas will be even more chaotic!


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Oh Anna! I love the new blog name - and you amaze me with you do it all!!!!!!

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Enjoyed the new posts! Keep it up! Love the new name too. :) Can't wait to see the new background. Love you.

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My life feels complete again now that you've updated the blog! LOVE the new name- so clever. Love you Anna!