Friday, January 21, 2011

Thanksgiving (recap) in January

Thanksgiving this year was definitely interesting. Not only did we experience traveling with two babies, but we also experienced our first time getting sick with two babies.

Sunday before Thanksgiving, Big Cole got the stomach bug. And it was not pretty. He was not allowed to touch the babies all day Monday or Tuesday for fear of getting them sick too. He was quarantined in our room, so I slept in the guest room and stayed away. It wasn't fun, but we made it. Late Tuesday afternoon we thought he was well, so we left for Monroeville.

It was great getting to see the whole family and having help entertaining the babies. Thanksgiving lunch was delicious as always, and we enjoyed visiting with extended family.

But Thursday night things started to go downhill. We were all playing a card game around the kitchen table, and I was holding Cole while he tried to fall asleep. Suddenly I started feeling a little off. I handed the baby to Cole and ran from the table. Cole immediately knew that the stomach bug had just gotten me.

The rest of that night was pretty yucky. Thankfully, Mary Alice and Mom offered to take care of the babies during the night. Friday morning I felt a little better, but Sara had gotten sick. Cole left early that morning for the Auburn/Alabama game, and Mary Alice and Rob decided to get out of the sick house before the game started and before they got sick, so we were left a little short-staffed as far as the babies go. We made do and kept the babies fed Friday. By Friday night everyone in the family except my dad had gotten the bug. Yuck.

Cole had to come back to Monroeville after the game to help with Ellen and Cole since Mom was sick too. We had planned to go back to Birmingham on Friday or Saturday, but stayed until Sunday because of the bug.

All in all, it was good to see my parents for so long, but having the stomach bug is a terrible way to spend Thanksgiving.

Our Christmas recap is coming soon and is a much happier story. :)

P.S. Excuse the look of my blog! The background I was using was discontinued, so I'm working on something else. I think you'll be excited to see what's next!