Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hormones, hormones go away

Don't come again another day.

It's no big secret to those who know me that I don't love being pregnant. Yes, there are some wonderful/miraculous things that happen while you're growing another human, but overall I could live without this process. Just give me the baby, please. :)

This pregnancy has been easier than the last, primarily, I think, because I'm not having twins this time. I was far less tired during the first trimester (it might have helped that I didn't even know I was pregnant until the first trimester was almost over!), and most of the time I forget I'm even pregnant.

However...this time around I'm also much more hormonal. I can have a perfectly good day, but by night somehow I'm in a terrible mood. Some days little things send me over the edge. And some days I'm just in a weird funk. Ugh...

Hopefully this will pass soon. Cole and I are getting more and more excited about meeting New Baby, so I'm going to focus on that and pray this yuckyness goes away.

Pictures of the storage bench and van coming soon...


Holly G Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

MY singleton pregnancy was much much easier than my twin pregnancy, but I still felt the same way. I could definitely do without the whole pregnancy thing. :)
Baby will be here soon and you will so enjoy spending time with him/her!

lg2006 Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I had CRAZY hormonal problems when I was pregnant! I also do not enjoy pregnancy! One day though, I woke up and it was just BETTER, like the hormones had evened out or something. It was crazy how it just went away! Hope that happens for you sooN!

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I definitely could have written this post! I thought I would have been more emotional when pregnant with my daughter but that was NOTHING compared to this pregnancy which is a boy. I'm not being very nice :)

Beth Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Oh my, pregnancy hormones. I remember them well. I was a nightmare both times I was pregnant so I can totally relate. By the way, when are you due with #3?