Monday, February 28, 2011

The twins go to the nursery!

Sunday we left Cole and Ellen in the church nursery for the first time. Since they were premature, our pediatrician recommended that they stay away from the nursery at least until cold season ended. For seven months we have kept them in church with us. Most of the time they behave, but they don't just sleep through it anymore like they did in the early days. Now they want to "talk" and play. Even though their talking is pretty darn cute, I have a feeling that others in the congregation would appreciate not hearing them try out all sorts of sounds throughout the sermon. And, truthfully, Cole and I have been craving a bit of a break. Just a small window of time that we can focus on something other than the drool twins.

Even though they're really cute:

All along I've said that around March we will put the twins in the nursery. The spring-like weather of late helped me go ahead and get it over with (even though technically it was still February).

I never, ever thought I would have a hard time leaving them in the nursery. They have stayed in the nursery a few times before for Bible study (it's a smaller nursery, so our Dr. ok'd that), but other than that they have been with me or another family member pretty much every minute of their lives. If we have ever used a babysitter, Cole and Ellen have been in bed before we left. Even still, I just knew that I wouldn't be bothered by leaving them.

But on Sunday I started feeling a little anxious about leaving them. I even considered staying home with them so Cole could go to church and actually pay attention to the service and listen to the whole sermon - something we haven't really been able to do since July. Cole encouraged me to come to church too and leave the babies in the capable hands of the nursery workers and volunteers.

When we got there, I could feel myself become more and more anxious about leaving them. I wasn't expecting to feel this way at all, so I was completely caught off guard. As we were walking out of the nursery, I felt tears welling up. Thankfully they didn't fall, but goodness...mommy emotions are serious business.

I pulled myself together and actually enjoyed being able to focus on the service. And, the Lord seriously knows what he's doing - the sermon was on anxiety. Ha! How's that for a direct message to me?

When Cole went to get the babies from the nursery, Ellen was in someone's lap laughing and talking. Little Cole had been great as well, so all that worry was for nothing.

I'm totally letting myself believe that since they did well the first time, every time in the nursery will be as easy. Please don't burst my bubble.


Unknown Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I am sure that they had a good time & will continue to each & every Sunday :)

christi Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

ok now Rosie will surely be jealous - we are all disapointed they are not in OUR nursery but now that you have broken them in - you have to bring them when you are home next - they are growing so fast and both are just downright adorable! I am amazed you can get anything done! love you!

lg2006 Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Oh that is great! Good for you b.c I know you need some "you" time! It sure has been nice weather down in Alabama! Jealous!