Friday, March 4, 2011

My new obsession

I'm going to be really honest here. Sometimes being a stay-at-home mom isn't fulfilling by itself.

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids. I would have an extremely hard time leaving them with someone else all day, every day - I had a hard time leaving them in the nursery for an hour for crying out loud. And I feel extremely blessed that I am able to be home with them. I don't take it for granted and know that many other moms would trade places with me in a heartbeat.

But, even still, the days sometimes drag on. The lack of contact with other adults can be hard. The desire to be someone other than Ellen's mom or Cole's mom overwhelms me every now and then.

When Big Cole walks through the door at night (sometimes not until 7 or later), words spill out of my mouth because he's the first person I've seen all day who can understand me and respond to what I have to say.

I miss using my brain regularly for something other than remembering the last time the twins ate. I desperately need a creative outlet.

Blogging is one way I fill that need. It makes me think. And that's good for me.

Another way I've found to exercise my creative side is taking a photography class. I had my first class this week (Cole was sweet enough to make a pretty big sacrifice to come home early so I could make it on time), and I LOVED it.

It was so nice to be learning again. I loved reading over the handout, taking notes, and asking questions. I'm dorky; I know. But I don't care.

Being in this class made me feel like a real person again.

And, as icing on the cake, I learned something about photography! We mostly touched on the more technical aspects of photography (aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc.), but we will work on composition and the more creative side throughout the class. I've been obsessed with taking pictures ever since. I've read over my notes at least 3-4 times and have been playing around with the settings on my camera. I'm hoping to take some shots of the cutest subjects ever this weekend and will be sure to show you how that goes.

The only bad thing about this new hobby is that it is rapidly lengthening my things-I-want-to-buy-with-my-Christmas-money list.


Jessie Jones Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Oh I hope you blog about what you learn! A photography class is certainly on my bucket list. I love it, but I want to know more. Hope you love every minute of it!

Shannon Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Hi, Anna! I just found your blog through facebook and am excited to see your growing family. I stay at home, now, too with our daughter and another little girl on the way and identify with the need to have a creative outlet! I think it's so important for stay-at-home moms especially to have something that reminds them of "who they were" before kids came - everyone benefits! Sounds like photography is the perfect one for you - I always admired your reflections in our English Vocation class at Furman and look forward to reading more on your blog! :) ~Shannon

Irish Italian Blessings Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I completely agree with you on this post. I find myself picking up new hobbies just to give myself something of my own. I'm glad you're enjoying the photo class!!

lg2006 Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I REALLY need to take one of those classes! Have you seen the Kelly Moore camera purse bag? pretty nifty!!

Holly G Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

That is wonderful! As a working mom, there are certainly days I would prefer to be at home with my kids, but I'm never one to take for granted the benefits I get from working. It is important to have an outlet for creativity and critical thought processing.