Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Baby Update

New Baby is growing and growing. I've started to feel a lot of movement in the last couple of weeks, which is fun and weird (even though I've felt it before). So far, I can't tell much of a difference between having one in there compared to two - except I'm pretty sure I'm smaller this time around.

I still can't believe that in a few months we'll have a new little munchkin around the house. We're still getting to know Ellen and Cole and are enjoying the routine we've established. I'm pretty sure New Baby will throw a wrench in that...but it will be a welcomed challenge.

As proof that I haven't really processed New Baby's arrival, we have purchased nothing for New Baby. Not. One. Thing. I just realized tonight that New Baby will probably need a bed, a mattress, etc. Yikes.

And I need to figure out my stroller situation. I've considered keeping my Baby Jogger City Select - which I love! - and wearing New Baby until I figure out what to do. But then I think that may be a bad idea. I've thought about getting a triple stroller (side-by-side) because I think I'll need it, but they're so darn expensive. Like $1000 expensive! And it's incredibly difficult to find a used one. Then I saw this stroller - the Valco Baby Tri Mode Twin stroller with a toddler seat. In this scenario, I would put one of the twins in the toddler seat and the other two kids in the stroller. Ugh...too many decisions! In reality, I probably will get lost in indecision land until New Baby shows up and then just go with my gut.

The most common question I've been asked about New Baby is if we're going to find out the gender. It's difficult when people ask me this and expect a short and sweet "yes" or "no," because it's actually a complicated answer.

The short answer is, "I don't know."

The long answer is that Cole is deciding. He loves, loves, loves to torture me, so he won't tell me what he has decided. He swears that he hasn't made up his mind yet and that it will be a "game time decision." (Read: He won't tell me until we're in the ultrasound room and the tech asks if we want to know.)

I seriously doubt that this is true, because Cole is the kings of making quick decisions. He looks at the situation and within seconds determines what he's going to do. He's just making me sweat.

If it were up to me, I would not find out, even though I'm far more curious about the gender of New Baby than I was with the twins. I think it's because we already have a little family started. I keep trying to imagine New Baby in it, but it's hard to do without knowing who New Baby is.

But keeping it a surprise was so much fun last time. One of the best parts of the day Ellen and Cole were born was when I heard everyone scream in the waiting room after Cole told them we had a girl and a boy. You just can't replicate that. (Please note: I completely understand why many, many people choose to find out. I'm just not a planner, so knowing beforehand isn't important to me. But I don't judge those who find out at all. In my opinion, everyone should do what they want. Neither option is better.)

Our next appointment is Thursday, and I think that's when we'll have our anatomy scan. I'll be sure to tell everyone what Cole decides. It should be fun either way. :)

There's New Baby in a nutshell. Now, I've gotta get back to cleaning up Spit Up Fest 2011. We had carrots tonight, which we've had before, and both Ellen and Cole spit up everywhere. And it's orange. I see myself fighting stains tonight...oh joy.


Holly G Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

We ended up buying very little for Dawson as he was able to use lots of the twins' things & my wonderful friend did throw me a baby shower for him so we got most everything else we needed for him from that. :) As far as strollers go, I can tell you from someone who's been in the same situation - it's much easier to just have a single & a double. That Valco stroller is good too, but more than anything we use a single & double. And ever since Dawson has been out of his infant seat, we just use simple umbrella strollers with detachable connectors. We can have all three connected if we want, but still usually keep two connected & one single. Best of luck!!

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We have only just begun buying & preparing for our little guys arrival & I am 31 weeks along. I feel like I am consumed with our 19 month old each & everyday so I can't imagine having twins & trying to get a new nursery done too........good luck & I am sure it will all come together!!

Marianne Siegel Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Having experienced a "birth day" knowing and not knowing the sex of the baby, I can say, it is truly the best day of your life whether you know the sex or not! Knowing Kate was going to be a girl, didn't make the day any less exciting/thrilling. It was a complete shock to me that she had a head full of hair, b/c Anne was bald! I was just more prepared for her coming home! Not knowing what Jane was going to be was done more for the family than us. It was fun keeping them in suspense. Intuition told me she was going to be a girl!

Hope you are having a great pregnancy!