Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Stroller Accessory

My friend Laura over at Grizaland has the same stroller we have - the Baby Jogger City Select. However, I don't think you'd ever know it. Her kid is riding in style with all of the latest accessories, while my kids haven't even gotten to sit in the real seats that came with the stroller! Laura seems to always be in the know with the latest greatest gadgets and gizmos for moms.

And, to top it all off she finds these things at amazing prices at her super-secret discount store. Color me jealous.

Last week, though, I took a small step toward her greatness. I finally got the Baby Jogger Parent Console!

My mom and I got to try it out for the first time while walking in the Rumpshaker 5k (more on that later) this weekend, and I really liked it. It was so nice to have somewhere to put all of my stuff. I had previously been putting my phone in the car seat with whoever was sitting closest to me. Not ideal. The two pockets on the right have a velcro closure which is nice for things you don't want to lose - like keys. Overall, the parent console makes the stroller even more amazing than it already is.

So if you're in the market for a single stroller that turns into a double, the City Select is a great choice in my opinion.

And, just for fun -


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Our stuff has always been rather disorganized in that regard too. Glad you're enjoying that little step forward. :)

P.S. I'd really love it if you came by and entered my giveaway for a $10 Mary Kay Giftcard and SatinHands Gift Set!

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Thanks for the shout out! I need to send you a pic of my latest find! I found the sun shade I wanted for $6.50!!! That is a real steal!! Its the Protect a Bub one and it works marvelously!!