Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Clean Sweep Progress

(This turned out to be a really long post without any pictures of the subject, so I decided to put in random pictures of Ellen and Cole I took Saturday. The lighting was very bad, and they're not the best quality, but the babies were cute.)

I have been a cleaning/organizing fool this weekend.

The party started in my closet (since I'm trying to complete Spring Clean Sweep through Making Lemonade). I took before and after pictures, but you really can't tell a difference since I didn't organize my clothes by article of clothing or anything. I went through and collected all of the random hangers. Then I moved my maternity/bigger clothes to the front since that's what I'm wearing these days. I hung all of my dresses together so I can easily find them. I went through the random bags and purses on the floor and arranged them in a more organized fashion.

Cole hanging out on the floor.

Ellen being ridiculous.

The best part of this exercise was that the cleaning extended into the bedroom. I'll admit that I have a huge clothes problem in our bedroom. I frequently (almost everyday) try something on, decide I don't like it, and leave it on the bed. When nighttime rolls around of course I never feel like hanging it up before curling up in bed, so I usually lay it somewhere carefully so it won't wrinkle or get dirty - which really never works, but I continue to convince myself that it will.

The result is piles of random clothes all over the place - the side of the bed (my side is next to the wall), the dresser, the dresser in the bathroom, etc. It's just not a pretty sight. This is why our bedroom door is always closed and why I would be horrified if anyone saw into our room. But this week, I tackled the piles.

I am actually utilizing the hamper that I labelled the "dry cleaning hamper" months ago and then proceeded to pile stuff on top of it. Cole knows that it's the dry cleaning hamper now too, so we just throw everything in there and can easily grab it when we have time to go by the cleaners.

I washed a ton of clothes. In fact, the hamper was so full I couldn't even move it to the washer and dryer. I had to wait for Cole to come home so he could move it. Shameful. And, this is the biggie, after I washed everything I actually hung it up or folded it! It's a miracle! Granted, I haven't actually put it all away yet (that's coming tomorrow...I promise), but I'm making great strides.

Ellen, the great paci thief, keeps her eye on the prize.

"Got it!"

"See, brother?"

Play time turns ugly.

I then started tackling the random stacks of papers, magazines, mail, and such that live all around our house. The main pile that has been bothering me for a while was in the kitchen. I sorted them all and put like things in manila envelopes until I decide where I ultimately what them to be. And now the pile is gone!

I tried to finish backing up my photos. (I'm convinced, for whatever reason, that my computer is going to crash one day and I will lose all the pictures of Ellen and Cole's first months. I'm not sure I would recover.) Unfortunately, my computer decided to punish me for not believing in it and wouldn't burn any CDs for me. Ugh. I seriously almost threw it across the room and marched to the Apple store to buy the biggest and best thing there. I'm sure Cole would have understood. :) I guess my digital organizing will have to wait. Boo.

Getting ready to go to church. We LOVE our feet!

Even though I don't have pretty pictures of organized bliss, I do feel like I'm on the road there. I even bought this at Target tonight to help contain the clutter in the kitchen. I've decided that only bills and things that need to be acted on will go there. Everything else will have to find its permanent home immediately after coming in the door.

And there you have it - Anna getting organized. Let's see how long this lasts. :)


Carrie Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I love it!!! Boy are your babies adorable, I'd much rather look at them then photos of closets anyways. Backing up my photos is a HUGE to-do of mine, I'm going to do it as soon as the Spring Clean Sweep is over.

Great post! Thanks for the update! AND for the motivation to back up my photos. Losing them is a huge fear of mine.

lg2006 Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

You house sounds exactly like mine! random stacks of paper, piles of clothes everywhere! ha that is DEF going on here. on my list today is to hang up the pile of clothes accumulating in our bedroom! I did clean out a cabinet yesterday after your inspiration!

Mary Alice Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

So proud of you! I need you to come to my house or either give me some of the engery you have. I can't get motivated to do anything. LOVE the pics of the babies, soooo precious.