Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Clean Sweep!

New Baby continues to stir the nesting instinct in me. I am a little happy about this because my house clearly needs me to get excited about cleaning and organizing. However, the lazy part of me is bummed that I can't keep ignoring the mess I call my life.

Carrie over at Making Lemonade is hosting Spring Clean Sweep for the month of March. Each week we'll focus on a particular task, and each day of that week she will post specific tips to help all the participants succeed. On Friday, we'll share our progress on her blog.

Making Lemonade

I am really going to try to complete the tasks because I do want to get my house in order. And I want to be able to keep it that way without needing my mom to come do my laundry. (She's amazing when she visits. She'll sort, wash, fold/iron/hang up, and put away all of our laundry. Yes, I do have the best mom in the world.)

I have to figure out some sort of system that works for me and my impaired ability to stay neat. Hopefully this will be the trick. So, there will be lots of posts about cleaning and organizing coming up. Get ready!


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Ooo - maybe it will get me motivated to do some cleaning/organizing as well - you know, in all of my free time. lol :)

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Great Idea! My house currently looks like a WRECK