Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What we're up to

Since we all know that my kids are the smartest, most advanced 7.5-month-olds around, I thought I'd take some time to tell you what they can do and what they're loving these days.

Ellen is always happy when she wakes up. Even if you get her up out of the deepest sleep, she grins so big when she sees you. She LOVES to talk. She talks pretty much all day long and at times likes to practice her screaming. She's not mad when she does it; I think she just likes to see how loud she can be. She still is very much obsessed with her daddy and laughs at pretty much everything he does.

She really likes baths lately. As I mentioned here, she splashes and smiles while I'm bathing her. She also sometimes tries to eat the rag! I'm hoping to try putting them in bath seats (like this) soon to see how they'll do. I'm ready for bath time to fun for both of them simultaneously. (Now, while I bathe one, the other has to wait. Sometimes this isn't a big deal, and sometimes it results in major meltdowns.)

Ellen is adorable, but she's also a little thief. More times than not, she wants whatever Cole has -especially his paci. She seems to instinctively know when his paci is near, and her eyes lock on it and won't let it out of her sight. Her little face when she has a toy or his paci in her possession is hilarious - so focused, intense, and oblivious to everything else around her.

She likes playing on the play mat and has actually torn down the play mat several times. She will hold on to the rings and won't let go while she rolls around. She can move around on the floor. It's definitely not crawling, but maybe you could call it scooting.

Ellen is still a finicky eater but is getting better. We had a bad episode with carrots and sweet peas which both resulted in lots of gagging and some spit up/throw up. Yuck. Apples are definitely her favorite, but it still takes some work to get her to eat them all.

Cole still wakes up first the vast majority of the time. He is sleeping through the night every single night now. For a while he was waking up every night between 11:30 and 12:30, but he finally stopped that. Sometimes he will wake up at the exact same time several days in a row; it's almost like he has an alarm clock in there. This weekend, he decided that 5 am was a great time to get up and visit. Not cool. He hasn't done it the past few mornings, so hopefully that has passed.

He is hilarious in his jumpy-thing (yes, that's the technical term). He will bounce so hard sometimes I really do think it's going to break or he's going to sling shot out of it! He's gotten very good at pulling his paci out and putting in back in. Sometimes he likes to chew on it sideways or he'll put it back in his mouth upside down. So cute. His laugh is infectious. He likes playing on the play mat still and really likes to roll around.

Bath time is so funny with this little guy. He love, love, loves getting undressed. And has for as long as I can remember. He gets nervous when I put him in the water, though, and holds his breath for second while he gets used to it. When I pour water on him, his whole body tenses up and a big smile comes across his face. It's pretty adorable.

Cole loves to eat. He would eat a gallon of formula if I let him. So far, he has liked every baby food we've tried (peaches, apples, carrots, sweet peas, green beans, to name a few), but he had a bad reaction to sweet potatoes. He ate them just fine, but both nights we tried them he slept poorly and spit up sweet potatoes all over his bed. We haven't tried them in a while but may introduce them again later to see what happens.

Even though he loves to eat, he's still a small guy. In fact, I have to take him to the doctor to get weighed this week since he only gained a pound between his 4-month and 6-month check-ups. The pediatrician wasn't really worried, but she didn't want to wait until 9 months to weigh him again.

I still can't believe they are almost 8 months old. That seems impossible. Some days it just hits me that they're getting so big. They can do so much now and it's making life with them that much richer. Cole and I both love watching them interact now. At night we'll talk about the funny things they did during the day and just laugh. I try to send him pictures during the day every now and then so he can feel like he's here with them too.

We can't wait to add New Baby into the mix and see what kind of trouble they will be able to get in!


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This blog just makes me miss them more! Mom

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Oh I love reading all their little updates! They sound so busy! and FUN!