Friday, July 1, 2011

Checking in...

First, I forgot in my last post to add the link to some pictures my photographer sister-in-law, Emily Joy, took of William. You can see them on her blog Emily Joy Designs. She did a fabulous job (especially considering the less than desirable lighting in the hospital room). I have loved looking at them and remembering our first few hours with William.

Second, I also neglected in my last post to tell y'all about William's name. We decided on this name when I was expecting the twins. Since we didn't know the genders of the twins, we had four names ready to go. William Edwin was our second boy name. William is after Cole's uncle, and Edwin is my dad's name. It's funny that Ellen's name is completely from my family, Cole Jr.'s name is completely from Cole's family, and William is a combination. Our second girl name was also a combination. We didn't really plan it that way, but I'm glad that's how it worked out.

So far we're doing well. My parents came to meet William and hang out with the twins on Saturday, but they went back to the beach for their vacation on Monday. Cole's mom and sister have been a huge help this week. They've even kept the twins overnight twice!

William's doing great. He had his first check-up with our pediatrician on Wednesday and had gained an ounce since we were discharged on Sunday. He's very easy to feed so far. I never realized exactly how difficult and frustrating feeding Cole and Ellen was until I started feeding William. The few extra weeks before birth definitely made a difference in feeding, and I am thankful for it.

He is still in the sleep newborn stage which is lovely. I am a little nervous about how things are going to go once he wakes up and realizes he's alive. Thankfully I am going to have help in the afternoons, so we should make it.

So that's us in a nutshell. More pictures coming soon.


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I can not wait to hear every detail of your new life! You are the bravest momma I know!! He is so precious ! Hope you are getting some sleep!

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Are you nursing him/did you nurse the twins?