Friday, August 12, 2011

Latest Milestones for Ellen and Cole

Ellen and Cole are growing and changing every day it seems. Some of the things they're up to lately:

Ellen -
  • She weighed 18 pounds 14 ounces at her 1 year check-up.
  • Took her first step Friday, August 5, 2011. She let go of the chair she was walking beside, took a step, and sat down.
  • Has FOUR teeth now - two on bottom (the first two to come in) and two on top. Her teeth seem to come in two at a time.
  • Her "babbling" is more like a foreign language. It's hilarious to hear her talk. Most of the time she does it pretty quietly. Cole and I frequently mimic her language and laugh hysterically. It really is that funny.
  • She is incredibly messy while eating table food. She eats one piece at a time and nibble/gnaws on it until she's ready to swallow. She loves brownies and Nutri-Grain bars (particularly the apple cinnamon ones). She is NOT impressed by cheese, turkey, pasta, or anything else that feels weird to her fingers when she tests them. She recently tried and liked raisins a lot. She almost always makes a funny face when trying something new.
  • She still loves her hands and has gotten very good at using them. She can put Legos together and pull them apart. She can pick up a Cheerio using her thumb and index finger.
  • She loves to find fuzz from our carpet and "inspect" it. I have no idea what she's looking for or what's so intriguing about it, but she can stare at fuzz forever.
  • She is looking more and more like a little girl lately.
  • She happily plays in her crib (or stares at her hand) when she wakes up. When I go in to get them in the morning, she is usually still laying down but awake.
  • The minute the gate that corrals the twins in the playroom opens, Ellen makes a beeline straight outta there. You've never seen a girl crawl so fast; the trouble is that she makes so much noise as she's crawling toward freedom that every adult hears her and beats her to the punch, closing the gate on her dreams.
  • She has the most pitiful/hilarious sad face.
  • She is a thief.

  • He weighed 17 pounds 10 ounces at his 1 year check-up.
  • He has started scrunching up his whole face when he smiles, and then he laughs. It makes me laugh every time he does it.
  • He has two teeth on bottom.
  • He has become quite the sneezer.
  • He LOVES food. Last night he cleared his tray before Ellen had finished 3 Cheerios. He just shoves it all in his mouth. I can only put 3 Goldfish at a time on his tray because he'll put them all in his mouth at once and choke. He loves Goldfish, Ritz, raisins, and pretty much anything else you put in front of him.
  • He is still in love with the playmat. When it's set up, he giggles as he crawls through it. He must like the hanging toys hitting his head...who knows though?
  • This kid loves to laugh. Yesterday it was almost like he was on speed the way he was giggling as he crawled super fast all around the playroom. The laughing seriously lasted almost 30 minutes or so.
  • He constantly gets toys, pacis, etc. stolen from him, but he usually doesn't mind. He'll just find something else to do. This quality is especially nice for him since his twin steals pretty much anything.
  • He is eating his crib currently. He wakes up with white paint around his mouth. Should I be worried? :)
  • He lets you know pretty much the moment he wakes up.
  • His "talking" is just yelling. It can sometimes almost sound like he's upset, but he's not. He's just telling you something really, really important.
  • He looks and me and laughs when I tell him no.
  • He is still obsessed with bouncing. He used to have a jumpy-thing that he loved. He would go nuts in that thing. Now when I hold him up, trying to get him to stand on his own, he wants to bounce.

  • They are so, so funny when I put them in the crib together. They sleep in separate cribs, but I put them together sometimes when I have to go get something or just want them contained. They will tackle each other, bury their foreheads in the other's stomach, and crawl around and "chase" each other, all the while laughing like crazy. It's so fun to watch and listen to.
  • They apparently hate cheese. I put it on their trays every single day, and no one eats a bite. If I try to put it in Ellen's mouth, she turns her head. If I try to put it in Cole's mouth, he'll take it and then spit it out, giving me a look that says, "WHY in the world did you put that in my mouth, Mom??"
  • On the way home from church Sunday, Cole and I heard them giggling sporadically. I looked back and saw them holding hands. Cole held his hand out, Ellen grabbed it, and they laughed. Then Ellen would hold her hand out, Cole would grab it, and they would laugh some more. All of this happened when they couldn't see each other.
  • They have a "secret" hideout behind one of the chairs in the playroom in the corner with the door to the outside. Our theory is that they like to look out of the window, but it's still super strange how much they love to be back there. They laugh and laugh at who knows what back there.
  • They both stare at William when he cries. When I am feeding or changing him in the playroom they laugh when he's laying on the couch. They both want to touch his head. I'll let them sometimes, but more often than not it turns a little violent. :) We're working on the concept of being gentle.

As you can tell, we laugh a lot around here. And I wouldn't have it any other way. There are moments of yucky, but mostly the twins seem to just enjoy life.


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That is all so cute! I am doing a similar post this week and it looks like the twins and peebs have some similar habits! ha particularly crib eating and hide out spot! I think it would be so fun watching twins grow and learn !

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This is all so cute! I love hearing how Ellen and Cole are together. :-) Holdings hands is so precious!