Sunday, September 25, 2011


Our little William is growing like a weed. At his last appointment, he had gained FOUR pounds in FOUR weeks! Crazy!

He's now wearing 3-6 month clothes. He eats about 8 ounces per feeding. Sometimes he eats every 3-4 hours and sometimes every 1-2 hours. He hasn't gotten into too much of a predictable routine during the day, but for the last three weeks or so he has been sleeping through the night (8ish - 7ish). I'm pretty excited to be sleeping too! I'm hoping he gets better at napping soon. I'm working on trying to get him on a stricter 3 hour schedule. The last couple of days I haven't gotten a break at all because he sleeps while the twins are awake then wakes up right when I get the twins down. Ugh! We'll get there. I just have to be patient.

I haven't been taking nearly enough pictures of him lately! I can't remember the last time I picked up my camera during a regular day. I used to be so good about that with twins, so I need to make more of an effort now.

I have had William's birth announcements done for a while now (way too long to confess on the blog), but (surprise, surprise) I haven't ordered them yet. Tiny Prints will now address, stamp, and mail your cards out for you. You just have to design the card and provide the addresses. For some reason I can't get my act together and upload the addresses - that I already have in an Excel spreadsheet - and just get the darn things done. (This is the story of my life.)

The twins are obsessed with William. Especially Ellen. She squeals with delight when I let her get close to him and pat his head. Sometimes the pats turn to hits, and we have to call it quits. Most of the time, though, she's very sweet with him. Sometime while I'm holding him and the twins are standing right by the couch staring at me, I'll hold William up for them to see. They both laugh and laugh. For some reason William is funny.

I put him in the Bumbo on the floor today, and the twins raced over to see him, laughing all the way. I got a picture of the three of them (and one of Cole trying to get in the Bumbo with William!) that I'll try to share tomorrow. They're on my phone, so I just need to get them on here.

So, that's William in a nutshell. Hopefully pictures coming soon...


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Gosh, it all sounds so familiar to me! You will get into a good routine soon. You're clearly doing a great job with the three of them! Funny about the pictures too - I keep saying that poor Dawson is going to grow up and think we didn't love him as much due to the significantly smaller number of baby pics we have of is just busy with three babies in the house though!!