Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week in my life - Tuesday

Difficult doesn't begin to describe today. I felt like it would never end.

The battery in my real camera died, and I forgot to charge it last night so I used the iPhone today. I had planned to start around lunch and focus on the second part of the day. As it turns out, I ended up shooting mostly video today anyway.

William woke up at 7:15 AM.

8:01: We sit on the couch and "talk" while I work on my post about Monday.

8:31: He is down for his nap.

8:36: I tweet that the twins were still asleep.

8:37: I hear giggles coming from their room.

8:57: The twins are eating breakfast. Every now and then Cole will look over at me, mouth stuffed full, and laugh randomly. He's such a goober.

11:35: William wakes up from nap, eats his bottle, and plays.

We had another nice little chat. (Sorry for my annoying voice on the video. Toward the end, he finally laughs like he had been doing a ton of before I started filming.)

12:37: I hear the twins wake up.

The twins ate lunch, but Ellen was pretty fussy. I changed her diaper, and she SCREAMED the entire time. She had a terrible diaper rash. I planned to call the doctor but called Cole first to make sure he could pick up any prescription the doctor might prescribe. This was 1:55. He can't hear me over Ellen crying and William screaming in my arms. I called back at 2:10 when everyone had calmed down a bit.

Finally Ellen settled and started playing with Cole. (Warning: this video is long. Grandparents may be the only ones who enjoy the entire thing.)

Ellen played with the window treatments.

Then put a bucket on her head.

"What's so funny, Mom?"

2:50: William starts a bottle.

2:54: I have to make him stop while I put the twins down for their nap.

4:49: The fun really starts.

Yeah. Isn't that awesome? Maybe my kids aren't so cute afterall? (I kid, I kid.)

I quickly started counting down the minutes until Cole would come home.

Ellen recovered eventually and played with Cole for a bit before dinner.

THEN, the babysitter came and we got to go out to dinner!

(I was going to take more pictures, but my phone died.)

Dinner was fab. Then, to wrap up a glamorous evening out on the town we went to Wal-Mart. To get lightbulbs, formula, and wipes.

Yes, you should be jealous of my life. :)

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little happier.


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I laughed about your glorious trip to wal-mart. So familiar! Good for you for getting a babysitter and heading to dinner. I'm learning that date nights are a must for a sane and happy marriage! :)