Thursday, October 13, 2011

Week in my life - Wednesday

(As a reminder, all this week I'm linking up with Melissa at Adventuroo for her Week in my Life series. It's been fun and a bit exhausting so far, but I'm determined to soldier on!)

Today was better than yesterday. I didn't have time to shower until 3PM, and even then couldn't dry my hair until the babysitter came at 3:25. But there was way less fussing today.

I am sad to admit that I didn't really take any pictures today. It just wasn't in the cards. So I'm going to interject some random pictures I haven't posted before.

The three crazies who keep me busy.

Some highlights of the day:
  • William was very talkative and giggly all day. It's so fun to see his personality coming out.
  • Cole and Ellen still LOVE when I let them touch William.
  • Remember when Cole had the remote yesterday? Well, today I found "Heartfelt Holidays with Valerie" on my DVR.
  • I think Ellen got scared when she saw her reflection in the glass of the door to the hallway. It was pretty funny.
  • I cut William's finger while trimming his nails this morning. I wish someone would open a manicure/pedicure/bath place for kids. I would pay big bucks for someone to take care of those things for me.
  • A babysitter came this afternoon so I could get out of the house a bit. It was lovely. I've forgotten how much I love listening to the radio in the car.
  • The Wal-Mart trip I made fun of yesterday was actually a great idea. I now have light in the playroom and my bathroom!
  • Cole ate dinner with work friends tonight, so I was on my own. Thankfully, all three kids cooperated and we had a fun evening together.

Since I didn't take detailed notes or photos today, I decided to discuss how I've structured my life to work for me. (Thanks Melissa for the idea in your Wednesday post!)

My life is all about routine. Not schedule (we don't do everything at the same time everyday), but routine. We do the same things over and over.

And over.

Every night I clean bottles and sippy cups.
(This picture was taken when the twins were still taking bottles.)

It helps me stay sane and feel like I have a little bit of control over my life. When the twins were born, all I heard from other twin moms was to get everyone on a schedule. I took that to heart, and now we have a very predictable routine each day.

Brotherly love

Yes, it gets boring sometimes. No, I don't really leave the house very often. BUT, I believe that my kids are happier for it. Because I am a happier and better mom because of it.

(Note: I don't think this is what every mom/family should do. This is just what works for me and my family.)

When William was born, he threw a little wrench in our routine. We're working on our new routine with three kiddos, but it's taking some time.

Playing in their secret spot

As the past two days' posts show, I have very little time for myself. The time that I do have, I really, really do not want to spend doing laundry. Or cleaning the bathrooms. Or cleaning anything at all.

When you walk into my house, you can tell. But I don't care. This season of my life is chaotic and busy. It won't matter 5 years from now (or even 5 months from now) that my house is messy and makes my mother cringe when she sees it. :)

What will matter is that I spent time with my kids, played with them, loved on them.

I think Cole's mad because I won't let them play with my computer.

Ellen loves to be close to William.

I have the opportunity to stay home with my kids, and I'm determined not to wish it away. Sure, the days can be miserably long. I'm lonely sometimes and feel like no one in the world knows what I'm going through (which is obviously so untrue). But I get to spend every minute with my kids. And they're funny kids. And listening to them giggle is just the best.

So, really, life is sweet.


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I loved reading this post! One look at the first picture of your three little ones and I though, "How in the world does she manage to EVER get a shower?" But you really have your priorities in order. You are so right, it doesn't matter if the house is a mess and the laundry pile is a mountain. You'll never get these precious days back, so just take care of yourself as best you can and love those sweet babies!