Thursday, December 15, 2011

Funny kids

To follow-up my Debbie Downer post, here's a happy one.

Most days, the twins are really fun and funny. Even William gets in on the shenanigans every once in a while. I usually text Big Cole during the day to tell them what the kiddos are up to, but I realized recently that I haven't documented these things in any other way.

So, here we go:
  • Lately, when I go to wake Ellen up, her feet are poking out through her crib. She likes to sleep sideways in her crib.
  • Ellen LOVES to squeal. It's super high-pitched, and Cole and I are convinced it will make us deaf one day. One day William squealed just like her.
  • William is looking more and more like Little Cole every day. We think his cry and laugh sound like Cole too.
  • William and Ellen love to laugh at each other. Ellen especially likes to put her finger in William's mouth then look at me and laugh.
  • Ellen has been walking around the playroom lately singing. It's so cute. And her face always looks so serious, like she's trying to come up with the words or something.
  • Cole and Ellen really like putting their Halloween costumes on. For a while after Halloween, they were in the playroom and the twins would bring them to me and whine for me to put them on.
  • Every now and then I leave the twins in the playroom while I jump in the shower really quick. It's completely baby-proofed, so there's nothing they can really get into. One day I came back after my shower and found the twins running around the playroom with my iPhone! I'm still not sure how they got it.
  • Ellen is quite frightened by the sight of me with my hair wrapped in a towel. She won't talk and usually stands very still when I walk in the room with a towel on my head.
  • Cole's giggle is just about the best sound ever. He gets so tickled!
  • Cole and Ellen are both TERRIFIED of dogs. Seriously terrified. I dont' know where it came from, but it's definitely real. Sometimes this fear even applies to stuffed animals (and not just stuffed dogs). It's pretty ridiculous.
  • The twins love to shake their heads back and forth (like they're saying no) while they eat. One of them starts. The other sees, laughs, and does it too.
  • Sometimes Ellen pulls her right arm out of her pjs while she sleeps. And she hates socks on her feet if she doesn't have shoes on too.
  • Cole beats his head on the floor and on the kiddie gate when he's upset. Ellen has started doing this too recently.
  • Sometimes Cole steals something from Ellen (usually the remote or something equally exciting) and runs away laughing. He seems so proud of himself.
  • Cole tries to put his paci in my mouth sometimes.
  • Both Ellen and Cole like to feed me Cheerios. For some reason it's entertaining.
  • Cole loves turning big toys in the playroom upside down - the activity table, the exersaucer, etc. He then laughs at himself and climbs on the toy. Such a boy.
  • Ellen will sometimes try to climb on the toys too, but she's so cautious that she ends up whining for me to help her get off.

All three of my kids keep me laughing. It's really the only reason I keep them around. The last few weeks (ok, maybe 5 or 6 weeks) have been pretty terrible. I was tempted to run away. My happy crazies seem to be back now, though, and I am much, much more content.*

*(My attitude change is also due in LARGE part to my mom visiting us last week for almost 4 days. She washed everything in the house, vacuumed, and took care of all three kids while I played and slept. Yes, she's amazing.)


edkincaid Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

i love learning what your sweet little munchkins are doing. i can't wait to come visit soon and witness some of it for myself!

Michele Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

i hope i'm able to keep my blog posts up as well as you do, i love reading about your babies :)