Our Story

Our family started at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina - where Cole and I met.

How we got to know each other is a complicated story, but the short version is that we met through RUF (Reformed University Fellowship, the campus ministry of the PCA - Presbyterian Church in America).

Before he asked me out, Cole would conveniently "read" his newspaper every day at noon right in front of the building I had my noon class in.  I initially thought it was just a coincidence, but then I realized that he was waiting there to talk to me!  It was really sweet.

Cole finally asked me out, and we went on our first date on November 14, 2003.  We were engaged less than a year later on October 9.  And I became his wife June 25, 2005, the summer before my senior year in college.

We moved back to Alabama for law school and settled in Cole's hometown in 2009.  We welcomed our twins, Ellen and Cole, to the world July 13, 2010.  You can read about their births here and here.

William was born June 24, 2011.  You can read about his birth here.

So far, we're adjusting pretty well to being a family of five.  You can follow the blog to come along for all the ups and downs.